Silent Partners – Casting

Silent Partners – Cast Breakdown

Instant Classics will be presenting Silent Partners by Charles Marowitz at the White Bear Theatre between June 25 – July 20. This production received the Mark Marvin Rent Subsidy Award at last year’s Peter Brook Empty Space Awards.

Silent Partners is based on The Brecht Memoir by Eric Bentley, and tells the story of its authors relationship with the German playwright, director and theorist Bertolt Brecht, a relationship which Bentley himself compared to that between Faust and Mephistopheles. Starting with their first meeting in the United States in 1940, the play covers Brecht’s exile in Hollywood, his appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee, and return to Germany. All the time, Bentley struggles with the paradox of a man who was both an insufferable human being, and one of the greatest artistic geniuses of the century.

The play was written by the American playwright and director Charles Marowitz, one of the founders of the London fringe, and the former director of the Open Space Theatre in Camden.

The production brings together many of the team from last year’s production of It’s All True (Time Out Critics’ Choice, Five Stars in, including director David Cottis, producer Emanuela Craveri and designer Andy Robinson.

The play will be performed at the White Bear Theatre, Tuesdays-Sundays June 25 – July 20. Rehearsals will from from May 27, Monday-Friday daytimes, in Battersea. We are actively seeking funding but this is, at present, a profit-share production. Please send cvs to, and remember to include your mobile number and e-mail address with your application.

Cast Breakdown – Male

Eric Bentley, 20s/30s, an Englishman, from Bolton, resident in the United States. Witty, cerebral and idealistic, as opposed to Brecht’s pragmatism.

Bertolt Brecht, 40s/50s, German playwright, director and theorist, short, acerbic. A great artist, willing to sacrifice anything (and anyone) to his art.

Hanns Eisler, 40s/50s, Austrian composer, Brecht’s collaborator and defender, doubled with Lukasch, Brecht’s long-suffering stage manager.

Army Doctor, 20s/30s, an American interrogator of Bentley, doubled with Investigator, from the House Un-American Activities committee

Cast Breakdown – Female

Ruth Berlau, 30s/40s, Brecht’s mistress, collaborator and victim, eventually incarcerated in a mental asylum.

Helene Weigel, 40s/50s, Brecht’s wife, later to create the part of Mother Courage, ‘a little giantess. Small but deadly, like a medieval cannon.’

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